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More than 20 years ago, when we first started using digital technology in our photographic work we discovered a real need from our clients for computer tech support.  To accommodate this need, and because of a real interest in technology, we developed a division that specializes in computer technical support for everyone from a single user to small and medium sized business environments. With certifications in nine technical areas, we can do everything from build and maintain your business network, debug individual computer issues, build and maintain Microsoft Exchange e-mail environments, design or enhance computing software or build you a website.

Our prices are reasonable and with our continuing education done to maintain our leadership in all the solutions we offer can work to give you the most current solution possible for any of your computing needs.  Put us to work for you and let us show you how we can enhance all your computing needs

Also, by offering either hands-on individual instruction, or group instruction, we can introduce everyone in your organization to new technology and enhance their knowledge of technology already in use.  We have in-depth knowledge of all Microsoft software, as well as most other business or enterprise solution software on the market today!

 1223 Saxon Drive * Nashville, TN  37215

Phone: 615-310-4682  

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