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Not so long ago, digital imaging services were only available for those very expensive campaigns by clients with "deepOverlays and Screens pockets".  Today, digital imaging services are available AND affordable to even the smallest clients who desperately have to watch expenditures, just to survive.  At B&K we have a Generated Backgrounds and Effectscomplete digital imaging department outfitted with state of the art scanners, software, hardware, printers and yes, even digital cameras for those demanding the absolute latest and quickest method of producing high quality commercial images.  Our staff is trained to use the very best imaging software to enhance an image, combine multiple images or create a digital rendering for that special need.  We provide scans as well as prints suitable for whatever environment the images will be used whether it be output for newspaper, magazine, brochure, billboard, photographic print or those "super large" display prints for trade shows, conventions, display or presentations.   We can output to any major "Operating System",  and to virtually any form of media,  so it really does not matter what kind of platform you or the end user utilizes. Whether you require a single image or a complex project, we offer competitive rates, highest-quality service and a dedication to doing the job right the first time.  If you are in the market for digital imaging services, it will definitely prove beneficial to talk with us and see how we might put our talent and equipment to work for you!  For more examples of our capabilities CLICK HERE.  To access our information request form CLICK HERE

Remember, when it comes to having the equipment, personnel, software and ability to deliver high-quality digital imaging services with great rates and top-notch service, B&K is definitely the answer.  Don't put off another day waiting for the "right time" or the "right price".   That time and price is today!

 1223 Saxon Drive * Nashville, TN  37215

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