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We at B&K have added a large-format, high resolution inkjet printer to our line-up of equipment.  This Encad NovaJetPRO600e printer is capable of printing one continuous image that is 60" wide by 150' (feet) long.  Imagine how your tradeshow displays will look with photo-quality printing.  This service is remarkably affordable and we can print on a variety of media - photo-quality paper, glossy film, translucent light-box film, canvas, plastic, etc.

We also have a variety of inks available, including UV resistant that when placed under glass are guaranteed not to fade for at least 26 years.  And don't forget the water-resistant inks that are great for work that will be shown outdoors in less than controlled environments.  Have you ever seen work after a little rain has hit it that looks as though it has "cried a river"?  Well, these inks will keep your work looking brand new, even after getting wet.  Let us put this dynamic tool to work for you and help improve the image you portray to the public.

 1223 Saxon Drive * Nashville, TN  37215

Phone: 615-310-4682  

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