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Sometimes in every business and editorial project there is simply not enough in the budget to finance that high-Architecturalquality UNIQUE image that is desired for a certain project.  So where do you turn?  To a stock Scenicsphoto agency and purchase that same old image that 500 other people have bought or to a photographer who also runs a stock image library with tens of thousand of high quality images that are available for use that have NOT been rented out to everyone under the sun?  B&K photography has a vast selection of images available through it's stock photo library that can fit virtually any need.   There are scenic's and landscapes, people, wildlife and flora, cityscapes as well as table-top and large-scale setups for the commercial client featuring everything from jewelry to interior setups.

 If you need there is an extremely good chance that we have it and at a price that will make even the staunchest of you Florapenny pinchers smile.   Check out a few more of our samples by CLICKING HERE.   If you have a particular need in mind, please fill out our Information Request Form by CLICKING HERE.Cityscapes

Remember, we can provide a high-quality, UNIQUE image for you at a cost that will fit into some of the smallest budgets (based upon use and rights granted).  A look that says custom, even though it is not, and your customers, clients or readers will never know.


 1223 Saxon Drive * Nashville, TN  37215

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